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Tactical risk advice, re-invented

Vanda is a global independent research company that provides tactical macro and strategic investment analysis to institutional investors.

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  • The Vanda Process

    We combine positioning, expectation and mass-market psychology to deliver outstanding macro insight.

  • Macro & policy surprises

    Markets are largely efficient in the short-term. We focus on where expectations are, and where it’s most likely that future events will diverge from the collective forecast.

  • Investor positioning

    All things being equal, uncrowded trades are more profitable than crowded ones. We spend a lot of time analyzing where the crowds are, and trying to avoid them.

  • Cross-asset

    What’s the difference between long-term Treasury yields and the relative performance of cyclical vs. defensive equities? Not much. Our cross-asset focus lets us spot dislocations across asset classes.

  • Market cycle

    Our investment horizon spans 3-6 months. Why? Because that’s the average duration of individual risk cycles in the post-crisis era.

  • Catalyst driven

    Of course, markets can stay crowded longer than investors can stay solvent. Our analysis incorporates the catalysts most likely to force price discovery.

  • Cross-geography

    US macro data affect European sovereign yields. ECB actions impact Japanese equities. And Chinese policy drives EM currencies. We monitor it all.

Our premium research products & services

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  • Hippocrates' Sleeve

    Vanda’s flagship weekly research product analyzing market themes and trends that matter to investors – minus the noise. Topics encompass everything from US retail investor behaviors, to BOJ and ECB monetary policy, to the market changing reaction functions towards Chinese economic data.

  • The CIO Risk Report

    A weekly, high level summary of Vanda’s broad outlook for global markets and trade recommendations.

  • Risk Update

    Concise and to-the-point updates on developments that are moving markets right now, helping clients identify the signal amidst the daily noise.

  • Policy Brief

    Market adjustments are increasingly policy and politically driven. The Vanda Policy Brief seeks to anticipate and analyse crucial and market relevant policy themes for clients, helping navigate an increasingly volatile political setting.

  • Positioning Update

    Data focused updates on how positioning data has changed week to week or highlighting an emerging positioning trend.

  • Daily Update

    The daily positioning update summarizes the markets dynamics with minimal information overload. It focuses on the main catalysts of the day and it helps to assess the reactions of the most followed asset classes. The summary is enriched with forecasts of systematic flows as well as other positioning metrics.

  • Vanda Analytics

    Investor positioning re-invented by Vanda Securities. An online platform that derives the current positioning environment for any given asset class providing clients with idea generation, risk management and a holistic cross asset view in one platform.

  • Risk Calls

    We conduct daily, weekly and quarterly risk calls with select clients, providing real time analysis of changing market conditions and tactical trade ideas.

  • Bespoke Analysis

    For clients with specific research requests, we’re here to help. By having a research presence in New York, London and Singapore, Vanda can provide analysis through email and Bloomberg chat when you need it most.

Vanda Analytics

A data platform that allows investment professionals to efficiently browse thousands of positioning data points using a single portal. It aggregates public and private data to derive the current positioning environment for any given asset class.

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